Presentations in Session M1
"Initial Development of Vegetation Patterns and Biocoenoses"

Heather Archibald (University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada)
"Early System Genesis Following Large Scale Mining Disturbances"

Bernd Felderer (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), Rainer Schulin & Peter Vontobel
"Neutron - Imaging of Roots in Real Soil"

Aline Frossard (Eawag Dübendorf, Switzerland), Linda Gerull (BTU Cottbus, Germany), Michael Mutz & Mark Gessner
"Fungal vs bacterial significance for stream metabolism"

Linda Gerull (BTU Cottbus, Germany) & Anne Fangmann
"Impact of macrophyte vegetation on sediment respiration in early successional stream corridors"

Anna Lazzaro (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) & Josef Zeyer
"Pioneer bacterial communities in alpine glacier forefields: local adaptation and stability in a challenging environment"

Gavan McGrath (The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia), Kyungrock Paik & Christoph Hinz
"Transitions of self-organised vegetation patterns in arid ecosystems induced by variations in topography"

Markus Zaplata (TU München, Germany) & Anton Fischer
"The early successional phase of an artificial initial ecosystem - solved and open questions"

Hao Zhang (The Chinese University of HK, China)
"Ecological development of soil microbial communities in rehabilitated quarries"

Anita Zumsteg (WSL Birmensdorf, Switzerland)
"Microbial Community Succession along the Damma Glacier Forefield"