MYRES 2008 Organizing Committee
Liam Reinhardt
Liam Reinhardt is an adjunct assistant professor at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory (SAFL). His home institution is the University of Exeter (UK) where he is a lecturer in physical geography. Liam is interested in transient landscape responses to perturbations such as base-level fall (e.g. vertical fault movement) and climate change. He recently completed a 2-year research program at SAFL where he 'grew' model mountains and linked sediment efflux to the evolution of model topography. Please go to Liam's webpage for more information on his research
Douglas Jerolmack
Douglas Jerolmack is an assistant professor at the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania, and a formar postdoc at the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics. His research focuses on the spatial and temporal evolution of patterns that emerge at the interface of fluid and sediment on Earth and planetary surfaces. Currently he is working on river delta evolution, and the nature of transport fluctuations in sedimentary systems.
Wonsuck Kim
Wonsuck Kim is a postdoc with the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. His research focuses on the relationship between surface morphodynamics and subsurface architecture using mathematical modeling and physical experiments. Currently, he is working on the Mississippi Delta restoration project at NCED, which aims to understand the sedimentary archive and eco-dynamic interactions of natural delta building processes. This research will provide a scientific basis for rebuilding a self-sustaining delta.
Anne Lightbody
Anne Lightbody is a postdoc in stream restoration at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. Her background is in ecology and environmental fluid mechanics, and she studies flow and transport in surface water systems, in particular freshwater and coastal streams and wetlands.
Cailin Huyck Orr
Cailin Huyck Orr is a stream ecologist and postdoc with NCED at the University of Minnesota. Her current research links geomorphology and nutrient cycling in river-floodplain systems with a particular focus on stream restoration.
Jane Willenbring
Jane Willenbring is a geomorphologist interested in solving problems that bear on long-term landscape change and is particularly interested in applying cosmogenic isotope techniques in new ways to determine long-term rates of erosion. Her work thus far has focused on glacial-interglacial cycle glacial erosion and chronology, the fluvial response to tectonic forcing, and erosional perturbations that arise from changes in land use.
Nikki Strong
Nikki Strong graduated from the University of Minnesota with a PhD in 2006. She is interested in cross-disciplinary research that applies the discipline of landscape dynamics to environmental, paleo-climatic, and societal issues. Nikki is currently working as an NCED postdoc, investigating the history of paleoclimate and landuse in the Northern Highlands of Ethiopia.
Michal Tal
Michal Tal completed her PhD at the University of Minnesota this year. The focus of her research is the dynamic interactions between riparian vegetation and braiding, investigated through a series of large scale flume experiments at SAFL/NCED. Michal has also spent time working in New Zealand studying the causes and mechanisms for vegetation encroachment in natural braided rivers: her aim here is to inform river management on this topic.
Matthew Wolinsky
Matthew Wolinsky is a postdoc at the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics (NCED). He studies how climatic, tectonic, and anthropogenic forcing of nonlinear sediment transport systems gives rise to large scale patterns in surface morphology and subsurface stratigraphy. Recent projects include computational modeling of coastal deltas and signal propagation in source to sink systems.